Designed from the ground up to provide as many features as possible, the saber offers unparalleled amount of customisation both in looks and operation, without foregoing the principle of being very user-friendly. Caters both to casual users as well as in-depth tinkerers.


Choose your main blade colour from an expanded RGB palette with white as a standalone colour.

Create your own, multicolour effect or add only slight variations to reinforce your saber's style.

Customise the power-up and power-down sequences with adjusted fade speed and a blink effect to add the personal touch.

Bind your saber movement to one of the colours to create a dynamically reacting blade colour.

Customise the impact sequence by selecting which colours you want and the timing between flashes.

User your own effects for special actions - deflecting a shot or sabers in contact.


Select the sounds that will accompany the multiple actions performed by the saber, including the power-up and power-down sequences, the idle humming sound, multiple clash, swing and whirl sounds, as well as special action related ones - deflect and crackle.

Want to spice things up? Replace the pre-recorded swing sounds with dynamically generated ones, responding directly to the saber movement and fine-tune the effect to your liking.


Customise the way your button behaves by assigning preferred methods to turning the saber off as well as activating the special actions - deflect and crackle.

Fine-tune the button timings for double and long press to get the best responsiveness.

Control the button illumination or turn it off completely - it’s up to you.

Assign the low battery warning to button illumination and specify the threshold when it activates.

Activate the double preset option which allows you to access two fully independent saber configurations immediately, activated by either long or short press while turning on.

Store 6 independent sets of settings in your saber with easy access to each of them via a simple gesture menu.

3500 mAh

4h use time

1A charger





Durable blade


All those provided features would mean very little should you need to bend over backwards to actually set them up. To help you with that, an easy to use app was created, with intuitive separation of all the available effects into various actions performed by the saber.


There are no better or worse choices - you always get the full package. No tiers, no levels - each saber has the same functionality and capabilities, with the only difference being the hilt design. Choose from the prepared models or construct your own using our creator tool, which allows for hundreds of combinations.

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