Why do you recommend a magnetic USB cable?

While reinforced, the usb port is still not indestructible and could get damaged when mishandled. And who hasn’t ever yanked on an attached cord? Using a magnetic connection basically eliminates this possibility protecting the saber, the cable and the other port which it is plugged into (PC or a charger). Additionally, the magnetic insert protects the saber port from dirt getting inside, which might be otherwise hard to remove. Last, but not least, it provides a handy charging status indicator - the LED on magnetic cable changes colour depending on if it is charging or not.

How long will the saber work on one charge?

It mainly depends on the colour you choose. While the base colours - red, green, blue and white provide the standard working duration (about 3 to 4 hours), mixing colours directly changes that - if you want your saber to be yellow (requiring both red and green to be fully on at the same time), the charge will only last about 2 hours.

How long will it take to charge from empty to full?

About 4 hours, assuming you are using a regular phone charger (at least 1A).

How strong is the blade?

Extremely. It is created with a very impact-resistant material that is used in riot police gear which you might have seen on TV. It means that while hitting something it is going to bend instead of cracking. Unless you are using amounts of force that could severely hurt your opponent (which you should never do), it is highly unlikely you can somehow damage the blade. In testing, the blades took no sweat in shrugging off blows that made it hard to hold the grip on the handle. Still, there are a couple of things worth keeping in mind to protect the blade. First of all, it is not recommended to hit hard anything that is not another saber blade - if you take a powerful swing at a stone or a wooden bench with a hard edge, the blade could crack. If you are using the sabers correctly (hitting other sabers and not their owners or surroundings), both blades will bend a little and absorb the blows. Still, both for safety and better experience, it is best to use the middle part of the blade a slight distance away from the tip and handle.

Can I remove the blade?

It is possible to remove and replace the blade, however it is not something you should do. Not only do you enable dust and dirt to get inside, it could be very dangerous if you accidentally turn the saber on while looking at the LED. They are very powerful and could damage your eyesight.

Do I need to perform any maintenance on the saber?

Not much. The only thing you need to look at is the screw holding the blade. It’s best to check on it once in a while (especially after heated fights) and ensure it hasn’t loosened, which could lead to the blade transforming into a rocket when you take a particularly hard swing.

Can I open the saber?

No. Everything is set up so that you don’t have to ever take anything off. All you need is easily accessible from outside and requires no disassembly.

Is the saber waterproof?

No. It is unlikely that it gets damaged when you get caught in a mild drizzle, but it is a reasonable move to shield the saber from any contact with humidity - especially the bottom part, where the USB port is.

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